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A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist which aims to improve quality of the life via exercise prescriptions. A Biokineticist uses various assessment modalities in order to tailor exercise to each patients needs. A Biokineticist will use various range of motion and mobility exercises as well as strengthening and power and stretching movements to treat a patient in incremental steps according to the patients level of progress.

What is a Biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist. We use Comprehensive Assessment Techniques in order to prescribe exercise as “medicine” to best treat various injuries and conditions. Each assessment and exercise prescription is individualized to the patients unique circumstance and condition.

The scope of the Biokinetics practice includes various populations. Orthopedic Rehabilitation is aimed at the treatment and prevention of various bone / joint / muscle related injuries. Chronic Disease Management covers the monitoring and prescription of exercise in order to treat conditions such as diabetes / obesity / hypertension. Disability Management is aimed at improving functionality and quality of life of various disabilities such as amputations and various mental / neurological conditions.

I like to work hand in hand with various medical practitioners in order to obtain optimal results for my patients.

Scope Practice

Biokinetics is a field of Clinical Exercise Science used in the treatment and prevention of various injuries.
Biokineticists are part of the medical industry and are governed by the Health Professionals Council of SA (HPCSA) as well as the Biokinetics Association of SA (BASA).
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